Why Facebook Is Doomed To Fail

If you follow internet marketing strategy at all you will know that right now everyone is talking about using Facebook Ads as a means to reach your market. Facebook knows everything about you.  By using the Facebook platform for FREE, you essentially sell your soul to Facebook.

Because Facebook knows all, they can offer your data to advertisers, claiming that an advertiser can target a prospective customer right down to the city he/she lives in! So as you innocently surf around your Facebook page, Facebook quietly gives your data to advertisers.  And the Facebook pixel system will allow Advertisers to follow you all over the internet.

While this technology can be desirable on the surface, I see a number of huge Facebook survival issues –  having used it for a couple of years.

Bottom Line? Facebook is your PIMP. And if you are in business, Facebook Has No Support For you – You are expected to know and follow Facebook’s often vague and subjective policies.  While it might take you a month or more to digest the Facebook rules, don’t expect Facebook to help out by telling you where you fell short in your ad campaigns. Nope.  They will simply crush you.  They’ll deactivate your ad account and you can speak to no one, except through their bogus appeal where employees just parrot the pontifications of their immature leader.

And because Zuckerberg operates like a “child”, you get childish conditions.  For example, they tell me that my ad account has been “disabled”.  They use the word disabled because they are afraid to call it what it is – “Terminated”.  They say it is disabled, but tell you in the appeal that it can never be re-enabled.  Perhaps those of us with suspended accounts should form a class action suit against Facebook?  The word “disabled” implies that a state of “enabled” is possible.  Whereas “Terminated” is a full stop. In other words, Facebook might describe a dead person as one whose ability to breathe has been disabled.  It makes them feel better. The guy is still dead.

Another way to look at is this:  You hop into your car and try to start it, but it won’t start and a message comes on your iPhone that says: “You have violated one of the rules related to driving this car. As a result, your driver’s license has been disabled and you will no longer be able to drive the car ever.” But in this case, you can’t appeal the loss of your license. It’s simply gone and you should just move on. You have no idea what you did wrong because the “CAR” won’t tell you what rule you violated! This is the childish reality that is Mark Zuckerberg. He is legally stealing your information and selling it to advertisers. I say legally because you agreed to let Facebook do this. Does that make you an “info-slut?” That depends…

Here is a copy of my final letter back to a Facebook rep who replied to my appeal of the suspension.  It took ages to get them even to reply, and all earlier replies were from someone who had no command of the English language. None of their answers addressed the question. So I got increasingly aggressive.  Finally this guy Victor wrote.  Here is my response to Victor:

“Thanks for the reply Victor. It took three emails over two weeks to finally find someone who could actually understand my question and concerns.

In your answer to my question, I note your careful choice of words.  You said “unable” as opposed to “Unwilling”.  This means that even if you wanted to, you could not help me because you are unable. Being “unable” is passively convenient for you.  It takes the heat off you a bit.  

That said, you are only “unable” because of your boss, Mark Zuckerberg. He is “unwilling” to be helpful and inclusive. Therein lies the cancer in Facebook. Your boss will never be a man of integrity and honor. In fact, he may never be a “man”! And I say that not as a kick at the guy, but because he demonstrates a childlike response to challenging issues.   

 I’ve already charted a course away from, and beyond Facebook.  I’ll use Facebook as canon fodder to feed by main pursuits. Facebook is now nothing more than a toy to be used and tossed.

 I phoned Bing Ads yesterday, and a nice lady (Raz) spent 40 minutes on the phone with me.  Now I have 4 campaigns running already!   That is ad money Facebook no longer gets.  The lady emailed me twice to see how it’s going and she is going to call me again this afternoon!  She will help me to ensure my ads are compliant with all the rules etc.  

Contrast that to Facebook, who will shut you down for some secret reason. There is no phone support at Facebook.  You hide behind a wall of draconian diatribe and obfuscation. You have a range of subjective and nefarious rules, any of which can get an account terminated without notice or redress.”

I’m certain that Facebook is making a huge error.  By alienating ordinary hard working entrepreneurs, Facebook is gambling the entire wad on them being able to keep you stupid, keep you thinking what they want you to think, and keep you going where they tell you to go. I’m betting that Facebook will lose in the end.  They’ll likely face antitrust suits and maybe even some class action suits regarding their duty to accommodate.

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