This Oscars Photo Is Worth a Thousand Words

On Sunday night, Moonlight, the best movie of the past year, won the Oscar for Best Picture. It was a great outcome marked by an incredible moment: Warren Beatty, who was presenting the award, accidentally read from the envelope for Best Actress, which Emma Stone had won minutes earlier for her role in La La Land, a movie where Ryan Gosling invents jazz.

Beatty balked for a second, sensing something was wrong when he opened it and saw Stone’s name and not a movie’s name, but he and Faye Dunaway eventually announced La La Land as the winner for Best Picture. The incredible moment — show personnel coming onstage to correct the mistake and then La La Land producer Jordan Horowitz announcing that Moonlight had actually won and then holding up the correct card with its name on it for everyone to see — made for a great highlight video. But it made for an even better photograph, taken by Al Seib for the Los Angeles Times:

The looks on the faces of The Rock, Ben Affleck, Steep, Sting, and others tells the whole story. It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving organization and at a better time than this!






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