The New 2018 DC Pandemic

Start your engines folks. The buzz in the Beltway is that there is a new pandemic on the horizon. It's called “The 2018 DC Pandemic.” And at the front of the line is Hillary Clinton. She appears about to get sick again. How sick? Sick enough to NOT answer questions about the growing scandals enveloping her.

These include: Uranium One, Fusion GPS, tainted Trump dossier, Clinton Foundation money laundering, Awan Bros, the Clinton body count, classified emails and the list goes on and on.

The list is enormous, but of course, it pales in comparison to Hillary’s mystery medical ailments. Jason Goodman, editor of CrowdSource the Truth confirmed on his broadcast Thursday that Hillary is planning another medical episode. Anyone paying attention can see this has been building for a week or more.  Clearly, Hillary is aware of the nearly 1100 sealed indictments and she knows that there is zero chance there her and her family and not in that package.

You can expect Hillary Clinton to pretend she is sick. She won’t remember events which could land her in prison because she is, again, so very frail and ill. LOL

As the Clinton scandals heat up  — and place Clinton on the legal hot seat once again — don’t be surprised if Hillary goes underground yet again, allegedly suffering from another undocumented mystery ailment.  Heck, Jessie Jackson thinks it's a great idea.  He's quickly setting the stage and writing the play for his own performance.

Hillary appeared just weeks ago at Yale using arm braces for an alleged broken toe suffered in Europe. Another injury timed to another scandal, of course, absent any documentation. To be fair, sometimes a toe can get jammed when you stick your foot in your mouth as many times as Hillary does.

To make matters much worse, Hillary is about to face a major checkmate move when an alleged secret witness comes forward with video and pictorial evidence of the Russians bribing her with briefcases full of cash!

No matter what, this is going to be a very interesting next few months!