Secret Informant Now Fears For His Life!

Depending upon how this plays out, the matter could prove very interesting.  If you are Hillary, you are in a pickle.  If you try to get at this witness, you run the risk that he has already put his information on record. You run the risk that it is a trap to catch you, given that you have such a history (in the media) of having a substantial body count. What do you do?  Sadly, for Hillary is seems like it is a checkmate move.

The Jeff Sessions DOJ leaked the name of the FBI informant in the Clinton Uranium One bribery case.

Sean Hannity reported that the Sessions DOJ told Reuters the man’s name who has information on the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One is William D. Campbell.

Campbell worked as a consultant for a Russian firm.  According to reporter John Solomon, the informant is a consultant and his evidence will show Russian agents with suitcases of cash ready to bribe the Clintons for US uranium.  This has to send shockwaves through the Clinton Crime family!

Investigative reporter John Solomon, from The Hill, told Sean Hannity on Thursday the consultant has a video of briefcases full of money used to bribe US officials in the Russia uranium scandal involving Hillary Clinton.

Solomon says the Reuters report today downplaying the informant is completely inaccurate.

The informant says he is in fear for his life since he was outed by the Sessions DOJ.

Campbell will reportedly testify on Monday if he makes it that long.