Sean Hannity Nails The Alt-Left Breaking News Nov 14, 2017

Amended Article:

[Just days after Hannity outed Keurig for their fascist behavior, Keurig offered an apology. I think you just don't piss off 64 million fans and walk away unscathed!  While Youtube has taken down the video that hammered Keurig (pardon the pun), readers may not be so quick to forgive.  Time will tell.  In any event, this posting has been modified now that the video has been removed. We replaced it with Keurig's apology tour.]

As we move toward the end of the year, one thing is very clear.  The deep state and alt-left have thrown in all of their chips. They are all in.  They realize that if they don't win this war, then they are not only done forever, but many hundreds of them will end up in jail.

(This video no longer on Youtube!) You need to watch this Hannity video as he outlines the evil machinations of “Media Matters”.  This Soros funded company has been using and abusing Keurig Coffee.  It's now clear that we must move to eliminate Media Matters at the earliest possible time.