Quebec Terrorist Attack

Courtesy: Faith Goldy – The Rebel Media

[Editor’s Note:  Do NOT look to MSM for the facts on this one.  In Canada, the players are the CBC, CTV, The Toronto Papers, Montreal Papers, The Globe and Mail, and The Financial Post. These are all mainstream media players and should largely be ignored. They all have an agenda, so anything they say is suspect. The truth will find the light of day in the next week or so.] 

On January 29, 2017, two armed gunmen burst into a mosque in Quebec City, killing 6 and wounding 19 more.

It was a horrendous attack that must be condemned. And immediately it was.

But within minutes, before any facts were in, the mainstream media had already made up their mind about what happened: it was “Islamophobia”.

Some journalists — and even a Muslim Quebec politician — said that Donald Trump was to blame.

But an eyewitness at the mosque said one of the gunmen shouted “Allah Akbar”. That’s what a Muslim terrorist says, not an “Islamophobe”.

At their press conference this morning, Quebec police refused to name the two suspects taken into custody last night. Why?

What’s going on here — a Muslim attacking a mosque? What are the facts? And can we trust the mainstream media to tell us the truth?

We don’t know all the facts yet. But unlike the CBC, we intend to uncover the truth, not bury it.

So The Rebel sent Faith Goldy to Quebec City with a cameraman to report on the facts wherever they lead.

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