The Fix Was In From The Get-Go on Trump!

You read it right: The Fix Was In From The Get-Go on Trump!

As everyone knows by now, it was recently revealed that one of the top FBI agents leading the unsubstantiated Trump-Russia witch hunt was removed from the investigation due to his overt anti-Trump bias.

From August 2015 until December 2016, FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page exchanged over 350 text messages bashing Donald Trump and praising Hillary Clinton.

Still unconvinced?

Did you know that this same FBI agent, Peter Strzok, also played a central role in investigating and exonerating Hillary Clinton after her illegal private server was discovered?

This investigation is an absolute circus and the longer it continues, the more evidence there is that Mueller's Russia probe was an anti-Trump witch hunt from the start.

FBI investigators have demonstrated blatant anti-Trump sentiments. Over half of the attorneys previously worked for the Clinton machine. The supposedly secret grand jury is wrought with leaks. The presiding judge is Loretta Lynch's close friend and former colleague.

There's nothing impartial about this investigation. Only one thing is clear, there is no evidence and no end date.