FBI Finally Fires Treasonous Agent Peter Strzok

FBI Finally Fires Treasonous Agent Peter Strzok

Today the first of a series of firings took place. This one is significant in that the one fired, Peter Strzok, is said to be the one who curated the “Steele Dossier” which was illegally used to convince a FISA court to allow surveillance of Donald Trump prior to his election in 2016.  Strzok also exchanged thousands of text messages with his mistress, Lisa Page, that clearly outlined his bias and determination to first stop Trump from getting elected, and secondly take Trump out of office once he was elected.

What is most significant in this matter is not that this low-life scumbag was fired, but that in the fallout that will follow is almost certain to take out Hillary Clinton.  If I was a betting man, I'd say watch for the number of suicides connected to Strzok and Clinton in the next few months. The justice department needs to get depositions on video ASAP!

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