HydroLuxe Beauty – AKA Revitalized Beauty LLC SCAM Alert

Major SCAM Alert – Threat Level 9

[May 7th Update: We are receiving so many Facebook Posts from people who feel they have also been scammed by this company, that I decided to embed Facebook Commenting for this blog. We need to know who else feels they’ve been affected! Post your comments at the end of this article. Let’s see just how big, or real, this problem is!]


This web page results from a recent sense that my wife and I scammed. We felt the company was involved in unethical billing practices by not overtyly discolosing the full cost of doing business with them. The company in question is “Revitalized Beauty, LLC”.  The product offer was for HydroLuxe Beauty Cream. 

Here are the company details: 

702) 675-8241
© 2017 REVITALIZED BEAUTY, LLC All rights reserved.
5348 Vegas Drive # 697 Las Vegas, NV 89108

Details of the case:

My wife was browsing around on Facebook and found an ad in the sidebar for a beauty cream. Like many women over 50, she was curious about the potential effectiveness of the cream. She followed the link to their landing page (which is featured below). Nowhere on the landing page was there any clear WARNING that by asking for the advertised “FREE SAMPLE” it result in automatic monthly charges of $100 to our VISA!

I called the company and spoke with a representative named, “Raffi”.  Raffi was rude and arrogant with me. She just kept shoving their “Terms of Service” in my face, saying that it was clear in the terms of service that opting in for the free trial would result in monthly automatic billing for future products.  I tried to explain that “Terms of Service” pages are intended to let people know about how the company will handle cookies and personal information. Generally, TOS are not intended to be a place where the company can hide their intention to charge you for a product you don’t want.

I further informed Raffi that this practice of “negative billing” is illegal in Canada – where we live.  She did not seem capable of understanding any ramifications of international law.  I asked to speak to her supervisor or someone in management, but she refused to put me through. I told her that I would contact my VISA company and lodge a formal fraud charge.

Raffi just didn’t seem to care one bit.  I also told her that she might want to consider that I am a social media guru and that I can contact 30 million women over 40 through social media accounts to warn them of this possible SCAM.  That also had no effect.

I contacted my VISA company and they are going to refund the money to us in the next two days, and further, they have launched a fraud investigation into this company. 

I am inserting a copy of the HydroLuxe page below to show what they advertised. I’ve blurred out their ad-copy so that I am not helping to sell more product, and potentially harm more innocent citizens.

Companies that operate in this manner do harm to all companies and especially to the good companies that try to be up-front about all matters.

If a company sells a good product, there is no need to trick people into a billing arrangement that they don’t directly authorize.  I hope this article serves as a lesson to the owners of Revitalized Beauty, though my confidence in that happening is low.

Best Regards
The “Pendozer”

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