Dr. Burzynski One Again Wins and Kicks Texas Medical Board’s Ass!

For over 15 years Dr. Burzynski has been battling the Texas Medical board. For decades Dr. Burzynski has been refining his “anti-neoplastin” cancer treatment.  And for all of those years, the FDA and the Texas Medical Board has been trying to shut Dr. Burzynski down.

These clowns are very much like the mindset we see with the loser Democrats (Snowflakes, Fake Newsers, Libtards, or whatever…). Progressives cannot stand anyone working outside of the liberal compost heap. All ideas and protocols generated as such are to be vilified and brought down!  Well, once again, the people have spoken.

Our new and improved President will soon put the run on the FDA. No longer will they be able to shill for big pharma. No longer will they be able to suppress home remedies that people want to use. The FDA is going to receive a long-deserved shit-kicking at the hands of our new administration. The number of lives saved will be enormous!

Just watch this video. If you are not moved to tears, then you just might be a liberal. I find it reprehensible that the FDA could oppose this treatment.

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