Can Islam Be Considered a “Hate” Group?

I have to ask the question. Today I got an email from Pinterest. These folks at Pinterest are clearly not very bright.  Here is their message:

Hi, We recently removed one of your Pins from your “US Politics” board because it went against our policies on hate speech.

We don’t allow content that attacks people based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability or medical condition.

We recommend taking some time to go through your Pins and remove any others that may conflict with our policies. Thanks for your help,

The Pinterest Team

I have news for Pinterest. We, patriotic Americans, don’t allow content that attacks people based on those things either.  So when Imams are publicly decrying that we all need to be killed or submit to Islam, I find that offensive.  We must find a way to differentiate the peaceful Islamics from the deranged psychopaths like some of these Imams represent.  They are going to need to learn that in America you can’t kill gays or people with disabilities. You can’t perform female genital mutilation on any women – ever! You can’t hate us because we are not Muslims.  You cannot move here and bring your laws from your 7th-century cesspool.

Expect push-back. Muslims who seek to dominate or change our culture are just bashing their heads on concrete. The lighthouse does not move for the ship.


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