Billionaires are transforming Hawaii into a tropical paradise for the tech elite

More than eight million visitors come to the Hawaiian Islands every year for the state’s natural parks, beaches, native cuisine, and rich cultural traditions.

It’s no wonder that when Silicon Valley billionaires are plotting their next vacation home, they often look to Hawaii. Over the years, tech icons from Marc Benioff to Larry Ellison (who owns an entire island) have purchased a slice of paradise.

The trend isn’t without its conflicts. Mark Zuckerberg brought a lawsuit against hundreds of Hawaiians in December to buy the Islanders out of their parcels on his 700-acre oceanfront estate. He dropped the lawsuit after threats of protest outside his gates.

Take a look at the multimillion-dollar estates where the tech elite takes a vacation.

But the burning question I have is this:  “Why would all of these millionaires and billionaires want to live in Hawaii?  Science is clear about the transference of radiation from Fukushima across the Pacific Ocean to the coast of North America.  Hawaii sits in the dead center of this flow of radioactive waste.  I think this is probably the last place I would choose for a vacation property.

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