began in 1996.  We began to notice the subtle assault upon western culture and western values.  Following closely the agenda described in Cleon Skousen's 1958 book ‘The Naked Communist', alt-left socialists began to take over schools, universities, local governments, boards, agencies, and regulatory commissions in order to corrupt and destroy western civilization.

In 2016, we witnessed the acceleration of this model with the Alt-left attacks on a duly elected president of the United States! Make no mistake. We are at war. The civil war of 2017 is unlike any other civil war in history. The enemy is attempting to control the message by controlling the mainstream media.

The Alt-Left are backed by psychotic globalist overlords. They are well financed and very capable.  They control Google, Facebook, Twitter, and all mainstream media. If you have accounts on any of these platforms, you can expect to be Shadow Banned.  Shadow Banning is where they let you see your post, but they hide it from most others.  They give you the illusion that you are posting, but in reality, no one is seeing your material.  We suggest everyone get around this by supporting and These platforms do not censor any content.

The only way we win is by continuing to aggressively support our culture and values, and by attacking the Alt-left everywhere we find them. The must be nowhere to hide.