When you consider my attitude, you will conclude that I was "born on a log boom, and raised by grizzlies!" I've learned throughout my life that the longer you live, the less tolerant you become. I often joke that if you were to plot "age" and "tolerance" on a graph, you would see a point, beyond which, a person might not be safe in dealing with me.  I call this the "Give-a-Shit Line".  

I won't always use the Queen's English.  From time to time, I'll fail to catch a typo.  From time to time I'll swear like drunken Irishman.  I can say that, because I am Irish.  I am Viking/Irish.  I am not always correct in my analysis, but I am always open to be persuaded.  And when I say persuaded, I don't mean in the Liberal sense.  I loath liberalism. And finally, I loath political correctness and those who pedal it.

You will either love this blog - or you will hate it - and me.  At 62 years of age, I don't give rat's ass if you like me or not. My blog is going to deliver the truth and say what's on my mind - and it is going to reach millions of fans whether you like it or not.  

Someone once said:  "If you want to piss a man off, lie to him!  If you want to piss a Liberal off, tell him the truth."  And so at Lucidboomer.com you are going to get buckets full of truth.

Who is Morgan Adams? Think of cross between Jack Bauer and Ronda Rousey.

The Boomer Report is new and revised for 2017. With elections over and business to do, the coming year promises to be a robust reporting season. We try to find the funniest, most interesting, most viral content around and make it available right here for you.

We wish everyone the very best for 2017!

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